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Book your table on

04 67 37 64 82

A Family Restaurant

and Creative Home Cooking!

Serge, the chef and Laurence, his companion in the dining room, opened the restaurant L’Eventail in Marseillan in 2016.

During a first trip to Asia in 1987, they fell in love with the spicy flavors of Asian cuisine and have since become followers of mixed, tasty and above all balanced food.

Serge has always loved cooking and for a long time has been delighting his friends with recipes inspired by many culinary ideas brought back from his travels. At the age of 30, he decided to become a cook and followed a training course in order to acquire the basics necessary for the practice of a professional kitchen. In this context, he did an internship in the kitchens of the cabaret Le Lido, in Paris, for which Paul Bocuse is the consultant. After graduating, he joined the team of Lido cooks as Rotisserie and Sauce Chef.

After several experiences in various establishments, Serge and Laurence embarked on their own restaurant business. The Thai winds that have accompanied them for all these years have inspired their cuisine, their know-how and the name of their restaurant, L’Eventail.

Restaurant L’Eventail • Mediterranean cuisine, Thai specialties, a vegetarian menu, cold meal plates and fish…


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In the kitchen Serge develops original recipes inspired by Mediterranean, Asian and vegetarian cuisine to satisfy all palates who love creativity.

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