L'Éventail Restaurant in Marseillan



Sardines Rillettes, salad and toast 
8.50 €
Savoury pastry of mussels in the aniseed butter
9,50 €
Salad of small cuttlefish with Aioli sauce
9,50 €
Viet salad 
Caramelized pork, Chinese cabbage, carrots, soya dressing, crushed peanuts-fried onions-sesame, coriander
10,50 €
ThaÏ salad 
shrimps, blacks mushrooms, soya noodles, Chinese cabbage, carrot, white onions, coriander, vinaigrette with green lemon few spicy
10,50 €
Plate of MEZZE, Starter for 2 people or tapas for 4 people 
Tzaziki: cucumber with mint
Carrots with cumin and raisins, Lebanese tabouleh
Houmous: chickpeas-cream with sesame, Oriental bread
17,50 €
Chicken Caramelised with sesame, honey and green lemon 
carot, soya noodles, Chinese cabbage, soy sprout, coriander
10,50 €
Octopus pie, salad
7,50 €
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